Top 20 Michael Jackson Songs

Here is our list of The Top 20 Michael Jackson Songs Of All Time. Tell us what you think

1. Billie Jean
2. Bad
3. Thriller
4. Smooth Criminal
5. Black Or White
6. Beat It
7. Wanna Be Starting Something
8. Don’t Stop Til You Get Enough
9. The Way You Make Me Feel
10. Rock With You
11. You Are Not Alone
12. Man In The Mirror
13. Remember The Time
14. Scream
15. You Rock My World
16. They Don’t Care About Us
17. Ben
18. Off The Wall
19. Earth Song
20. I Just Can’t Stop Loving You


15 responses to “Top 20 Michael Jackson Songs

  1. ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥
    Always .

  2. Way you make me feel – should be nearer the top!!

  3. My Top 5:

    1. Earth Song
    2. Stranger In Moscow
    3. Black or White
    4. Speechless
    5. Man In The Mirror

    I feel these are the songs that truly illustrate michael as a person…

  4. I think Heal The World should definitely be on the list. He just had so many great songs and his legacy will live on forever.

  5. my life will never be the same…

    i’ll ROCK WITH YOU soon… ❤

  6. Top 10 for me:
    1. Childhood
    2. Earth Song
    3. Will You Be There
    4. Black Or White
    5. Heal The World
    6. Man In The Mirror
    7. One Day In Your Life
    8. Smile
    9. Stranger In Moscow
    10. Music & Me

    Long Live MJ! We will always love you.

  7. We grew up with you Mike. You’ve always been there. Now what? One of a kind. One of a kind!!

  8. You Rock My World Is Great! I love this CD. Butterflies should have made the list. He is such wonderful singer with unique style that manages to evolve with time.

  9. Mine would be

    1. Black or White
    2. Remember the Time
    3. Man in the Mirror
    4. Bad
    5. You Rock My World


  10. Michael sang: “Heal the World” , make it a better place is all something we can do. He
    reminded us that : “We are the World, We
    are the Children”, it’s up to us to care and keep
    on giving.
    He asked: “Will You Be There” and he said to
    us : “I’ll Be There” . And it doesn’t matter if
    your “Black or White”. Your made special;
    your one of God’s Kids.
    So, look at the “Man in the Mirror” and know
    you’ve been made GOOD!!

  11. I LOVE MICHAEL JACKSON!!!!!!!!!!!!! thats all

  12. wow im suprised you guys didnt put thriller on there ; Lols but anyway heres mine ;

    1; remember the time
    3;they dont really care about us
    4;human nature
    5;smooth criminal
    6;you rock my world
    7;P.Y.T pretty young thing
    8;will be there
    9;baby be mine
    10;man in the mirror
    11;the way you make me feel
    12;the girl is mine;
    15;black or white
    16;billie jean
    17;the girl is mine
    18;leave me alone
    19;one more chance
    20;in the closet

  13. really all of them i love him and the songs so much but one of mine is Human Nature.

  14. 1.billie jean
    2.wanna be starting something
    3.will you be there
    4.the way you make me feel
    5.beat it
    7.rock with you
    8. dont stop til you get enough
    9. dirty diana
    10. black or white

  15. I love Michael Jackson so much i dont have a favorite song or moment in his life

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