Rev Al Sharpton addresses Michael Jackson’s children in MJ Memorial Service

“I want his children to know there was nothing strange about your daddy, it was strange what your daddy had to deal with, but he dealt with it.”

Rev Al Sharpton – family friend


6 responses to “Rev Al Sharpton addresses Michael Jackson’s children in MJ Memorial Service

  1. 2300 Jackson St Gary Indian 7/4/09

  2. Michael never gave up, he never stopped….
    When he did the moonwalk – It was magic

    He broke the record for most giving to charity,
    created a movement within the black community allowing them to express there way In music.
    Gate crashing MTV & setting the record straight he told ROCK music to shift over….”the king of POP is here”

    Crashing Websites & eclipsing every stars death In history…..

    Michael Jackson was & will always be…..
    simply the biggest star on Earth.

    Years & years of entertainment & Inspiration thanks to this guy


  3. For those interested, critic Armond White is hosting a special presentation on the music videos of Michael Jackson. Specifically, it deals with Michael’s innovations in the music video genre.

    It takes place in New York City over at the Walter Reade Theater at Lincoln Center at the end of August. Here’s the link.

    Armond White made a similar presentation in January of 2008.

    You can check out a clip on YouTube. In the search function, type in ‘Armond White on Michael Jackson’s Legacy’ or Google it.

    Wow Jones

  4. I See A Young Man

    I see a young man full of energy and life,
    “Heal the world, make it a better place”,
    was his message to us.
    “We are the world, we are the children”,
    it’s up to us to make each day brighter.

    I see a young man with concern in his eyes,
    lead by his heart he taught us in stride.
    Stop the hate and the many prejudices some
    of us keep inside.
    I see a young man guided by faith, his message
    Accept one another because we are all God’s kids.
    I listen to his music, the messages they give;
    Keep singing on, keep the gift of love alive!
    Keep on giving as Michael did and let God be
    your Guide!

  5. Eldora B Lougheide

    Thank you Al Sharpton.The world sees the goodness of your heart,your strength ,your leadership, your deep understanding of the issues.
    Thank you for Michael.Thank you for all of us fans and Michaels family I am sure .We see you .

  6. Anonymous for Michael

    This message is not for the weak of heart, or those who have no Heart and no place for God in it. All things in this letter come from the Heart, Soul and Spirit and are intended for the Heart, Soul and Spirit of Michael Jackson. By whatever means Michael is not visible to us right now (and I will not elaborate on that here) I know in his Spirit he is aware of the Love this message conveys. The Spirit is always aware, if one is in tuned to it and I know Michael is. No matter where he is.

    Michael’s Desires and his Message.

    Michael wanted two things in this life on earth. To received Love, and to give Love.
    Unfortunately for him, he gave in great magnitude, more than he ever came close to receiving. Michael used every ounce of the God given talent that he had to try and gain this Love. And without going into the pointless details of what he received in return, let’s just say that a multitude of people cashed in on everything Michael had to give, knowing that he was driven with a message of Love.

    The fame and fortune that Michael has is just a byproduct of what he contained in his precious nature. The very evilness that roams this earth knew that once they got their hands on the priceless talent that Michael possessed, they could sink their claws in and feast. And that they did.

    They made certain that he was only surrounded by gluttonous greed, and people that tried to give him a false sense of friendship and love. At the end of the day it was not about the pure raw talent that Michael possessed and the ways in which it flowed through and from him. It was about the MONEY….always the money. And as Michael grew to see through them, he developed a feeling of isolation and loneliness, which is just what they wanted, so that he would depend on no one but THEM….and they know who they are.

    They built him up and tore him down and like the feeding vultures that they are, they continued to rake in because Michael has a strong faith that he clung to that made him more powerful than they could conceive. He would come back greater each time, however on the inside Michael continued to struggle from his sheer lack of the up close and personal Love that he so desperately needed and deserved.

    How do I know his needs? Well let’s see….if you can listen and observe, it is all over his lyrics, his music, and the way he moved. He talked out loud and openly all the time about it through his music. But no one was listening to his heart, it was only about what he could do for the Empire.

    But you see God has a hidden agenda for Michael. And don’t you dare think Michael does not have that spiritual connection. It has evolved over time, but it is where it needs to be now and he knows what’s what and what is TRUE. No one can know what is in another person’s heart but God. Michael has a heart after God. He thinks there is no Love with in his grasp, but Michael darling let me reassure you, there is Love for you here, beyond your wildest dreams. You were just placed behind a glass wall where we could not get to you. The fame and the money kept us from you, and I know you didn’t want it that way, but you see you had to go through this in order to inspire and create the LOVE that you so graciously spread all over the earth. I know in my spirit that nothing you did on this earth was wasted. This is another reason why the enemy has and continues to fight so hard, they are afraid of what you are capable of. They know you are capable of bringing them down! How? God is on your side and they won’t see it coming. And guess what, their money will not save them. God is the only one who can and they don’t believe in him, because none of it makes sense in their simpleton human minds. Those who don’t know him like you do, have their own ideas of what IS or isn’t.

    God is LOVE. He is a spirit and a man. He lived on this earth with us, and experienced all of the same things that we experience. He is under no uncertain terms the ONE who will love us unconditionally without judgments. God lived through his son, Christ Jesus, and he was rejected. He came to bring us hope and love, and they killed him. And then he forgave them and still loved them. Christ didn’t die to give us a Religion. Religion is a disguise used by the enemies to divide the earth, which is why it has no solutions. Christ died to give us the Relationship with our precious Father in heaven that was broken by the enemy. But we first have to love and believe. The Love that is in your message Michael can opened hearts and minds to know this.

    The enemy’s purpose is to destroy that relationship, so that whenever bad things happen they can blame it on God or the lack thereof. They fail to see that Love can restore what the enemy tries to tear down. And in the end they will see that LOVE will prevail. And just because they don’t believe or they have their own boxed version of what it should be doesn’t matter at all. It is what IS. “This Is It” And very soon they will get to see, up close and personal for themselves, and then they can try to find logic and reason, and there will be none. “Just the Truth.”

    Michael, I am just so sorry you have not found the Love of a soul mate that you could trust and share your life with, but you know the enemy didn’t want that for you. They waited until they had robbed you of your dignity and self confidence then they asked, “Who could be with him”? “My hand is high in the air.” You have so much power inside yourself and you should only hold your head high. Joe was only the man that God used to get you here. The Father in heaven approves of you and loves and has plans for you. You are a child of THE King and everything he has is yours and he so loves you.

    Not all women want your money and just whatever you can give. There are ones of us who love you, for just you period, and would have allowed you to be whatever you wanted and needed to be with no reservation, because it is all no less than astounding. There are some things in this life that have no price tag. Love, trust, happiness, peace, faith and dignity.

    To love someone is to intertwine your souls, to listen, really listen to what their heart is saying. To watch their expressions, and to care about their deepest concerns, thoughts, and feelings. Then you allow them the space to be who and what they are without judgments. And then you share, without holding back everything in your being, you become vulnerable to them and them to you, but you feel safe in that existence, because you know that the love is unconditional. And when times get really tough, and down right messy, they don’t run from the pressure, they stand in there with you and fight hard, and they win, because at the end of the day you have each others Love.

    Michael sweetheart those things were just out of your reach. They have been here for you all along but you just couldn’t get to them. But just open your heart and it will lead you, you will find the way. It’s here waiting. When you find it, your heart will never stop singing, and YOU WILL SING a love song as Heavenly as you are. Just one more thing baby, you are THE most beautiful man God have ever given breath to, inside and OUT.

    You are in control now baby……. Don’t Stop Til You Get Enough!

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