Oprah “no comment” on Michael Jackson’s death

I find it interesting when building this blog that there has not been a comment I could find from Oprah Winfrey on Michael Jackson’s death. Correct me if I am wrong!

How can an African American media icon like Oprah ignore what has been the largest media event in history? Is it because she thinks Michael is guilty of some of the accusations made of him? Is it because she is embarrassed about snubbing him in the recent years? I guess only she knows and whether she bothers to explain her lack of response or not will yet to be seen.

It is not as if Oprah has not been interested in Michael Jackson before. Many will remember the 90 minute Primetime interview from February 10, 1993, with Oprah Winfrey at the Neverland Ranch.

If you go to the the Oprah website today you will see that a lot of the top searches are about Michael Jackson.

Oprah.com top searches 07 July 2009

Oprah.com top searches 07 July 2009

Oprah Winfrey and Michael Jackson

Oprah Winfrey and Michael Jackson


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  1. Nicole Vivian

    The memorial today was a beautiful way to pay tribute to the greatest humanitarian in the world..He not only was the most talented musician/entertainer of our time, he gave back so much to our world and that is something that should be honored and always be remembered. God Bless his children and his family. May Michael rest in peace.

  2. God Bless you MJ and may you finally rest in piece. I’ve loved and admired you my whole life and will never forget you. I dream this music dream because of you and thank you for giving me the motivation to continue trying to be heard and seen. You are the reason I sing and dance! I love you forever!


  3. I was wondering the same thing since I have been looking for a special announcement on a show on MJ, a message (twitter) or otherwise on his death from Oprah ,or a picture of her attending the memorial.
    It is not like she was not very harsh on him with her questions in her 1993 interview.
    After all the silence and lack of expression of emotion on his death I would hate to see her respond after so many days since it would appear as if she is trying to get on the bandwagon to avert the dissapointment from the fans or to try to get into all the response and outpour from all the media and fans (positive) in spite of all the attacks on him while he was alive.

  4. I find it hard to believe that Oprah would not pay tribute to such a icon as Michael. Michael was a beautiful spirit. A person who would hurt children would not love his own as his daughter Paris has told the world. A person who would hurt children would not leave most of his estate to children charities. Like Michael always said he love d children not to molest them bu truly loved them. Also, when you are a icon like Michael people try to crucify your character. I’m sure it hurt his spirit and worried him most likely the reason he could not sleep. Well, his worries are over and he can finally sleep in the arms of Jesus! The innocent children can still benefit from his blessings! The King of Pop has finally got his final crown! GOD BLESS YOU MICHAEL YOU WERE SOOOOO LOVED AND WILL BE GREATLY MISSED!!!!!!!

  5. I find it extremely odd that Oprah hasn’t said a word about Michael Jackson’s passing. I find it equally odd that Obama didn’t either. Robert Gibbs repeated something Obama had said to him during conversation, and that was supposed to be a statement? Tacky on both parts, and I told him so!


  6. I am very disappointed in Oprah for snubbing Michael. He was a very special person from a humble upbringing like her, and I cannot fathom what she was thinking. Nelson Mandela sends a message, Maya Angelou, Martin Luther King’s ki Kids and Oprah is a no-show/no-comment. Why?! Very saddening. I hope she has a good explanation when she comes back in the fall. Very strange.

  7. Michael jacksons’ star was and is the brightest star of any celebrity.He was and is simply the “GREATEST”.obama and oprah are telling us alot about who they really are…and its rather repulsive; (if they have not already given a public condolence to the Jackson family,(because they are public people).

  8. Michael Jackson was a wonderful person and he brought so much joy to millions including me. I have always stood by him . Oprah has never been one of my favorites but I also have wondered why she hasn’t spoken about Michaels passing.None the less I was very pleased with the memorial service Michael was THE GREATEST ENTERTAINER THAT EVER LIVED and he will be greatly missed .

  9. I am very disappointed at Oprah’s silence. This will affect how I view Oprah. I was a fan but now I will turn away.

  10. Well, I guess they are only two of the millions of humans who could not and would never understand the essence of the extraodinary person that is MJ. Period.

  11. I am very dissapointed that Oprah has not issued a statement since the death of MJ. It shows a very dark side of her that I think her fans will find very uncomfortable. This might be the largest story of the century, and no word from the queen of media? She is a judgemental person anyway, but I thought she had a little bit of compassion. … and in response to Laura’s comment, Obama did send his condolences and talked about how he and Michelle grew up listening to MJ’s music. The White house issued a statement and so did congress I believe. someone needs to let Oprah know that she is not God.

    • I agree with you Nina. Oprah has a passion for mainly supporting whites. Maybe that’s why she has bleached herself to such a clear complexion. Every individual is different and handles pain differently. Micahel was unique, he was hurting you could tell from some of his concerts (check the one “Live from Bucharest”). We were only interested in the joy he gave us. Noone took the time to see his quiet side, and the “attackers” were always on the loose ready to rip him apart and destroy him. Well guess what you succeeded you self righteous morons. Never fear though, God will judge all the things you do that you think noone sees, but God does, while you were so busy condeming Michael, God saw what you were doing as well, so go ahead the Pete King’s (narcissistic idiots) of this world, Mike will have the last laugh

  12. I am also very disappointed that Oprah has not issued a statement or paid tribute in any manner. I checked her Twitter a few minutes ago and her latest post is on Nelson Mandela and what a hero he is. For goodness sake, even Nelson Mandela sent his condolences during MJ’s memorial so I do not see why she shouldn’t do the same.

    I used to have alot of respect for her. But not anymore.

  13. Oprah has long been “Americas MAMMY”. She is too afraid to alienate her white ausience. I am canceling my subscription to O Magazine and boycotting anything Oprah. How dare that Aut Thomasina not aknowlegde Michael Jackson. She is a DISGRACE!!!!

  14. HOLD UP, HOLD UP! The comment left by Eleanor has kind of offended me! Growing up, I was a HUGE Michael Jackson fan, had the glove, the jackets, the parachute pants, all of it, even had the glittery socks at one point! I also am rather puzzled why OPRAH of ALL PEOPLE has kept silent! I honestly thought she would be one of the first to say something, and in her NOT doing so, she’s lost a viewer and a subscription from ME.. and OH YEAH, I’M WHITE, so, with her blatant silence, she’s alienated HER WHITE AUDIENCE AS WELL!

    • Eric sorry if I offended You or any other people. I am angered that many peple considered MJ guilty. I thought in the US you are innocent until PROVEN guilty.
      I have many white freinds that really feel Michael was guilty in spite of the fact that he was exonerated. I feel Oprah is trying not to anger these people who see Michael as guilty.

      Yes I realize MJ made many of his own troubles by continuing to hang out with kids. That was a HUGE mistake.

      I still feel MJ may have been a target of greedy parents. His insurance company is the one that settled with the first kid to make that go away and not destroy his career. Instead it had the opposite effect of making many feel he was guilty of that dispicable crime.

      I feel he was innocent. But if he was’nt he will face god now. Who is Oprah and other holier than thou accusers to judge anyone!!!

      As far as Oprah is concerned She will regret her snub. Michael Jackson has Millions and Millions of fans. In death and in life he was love and will continue to be loved.

      My disspointment in oprah lies in the fact that MJ opened many doors for all entertainers but especially Black entertainers by breaking color and cultural barriers. If phony Oprah can;t pay respects to him. I am through with her.

      She is truly out of touch especially with the black community who was her first audience in Chicago. I am happy to hear that she has also alienated her white audience as well.

      I applaud you for boycotting Oprah. Take Care.

  15. i just typed two paragraphs and lost but i will just quickly say that the behind the scenes people who have the real power in the media i make a bet asked oprah to refrain from saying anything positive about michael because they know people listen to her. there are many things consistent with this fact. i saw an interview 2 weeks ago on nbc get cut short when the guy said he didn’t think michael did anything wrong with those kids. they cut to a commercial immediately. back around when 9/11 happened, talk show hosts that had guests on that advanced the idea that the u.s. and israel may have been involved in the attacks were either not invited back to talk about 9/11 or were fired or vilified. that lady from the view (i forget her name) she got fired when she said that the people of iran are “mothers and fathers just like us”. imagine, an american citizen not believing all the propaganda about muslims…and she gets fired for it! the people behind the scenes have all the power in the media. whatever they don’t want their talk show hosts talking about, they tell them not to. and if that talk show host gets REALLY BIG like oprah and tells them to screw, you’ll just hear a report the following week that says something extremely negative about them like to reduce their influence – then they’ll get replaced….

    • I just saw this now, as I was reading up on MJ… and I think you meant that interview that reported did with Teddy Riley, MJ’s longtime friend and producer, I think about three days after MJ died. I also felt slighted when, as Teddy was crying and he started talking about MJ doing no wrong to kids and that he’d leave his daughter with him and they’d have lots of fun, the guy immediately thanked Teddy for talking and simply had the studio cut away to commercial. Even in death they will not allow MJ to be vindicated. These media companies would go as far as pay him lip service about being this great entertainer (bec they know a lot of their viewers want to hear that) but once someone starts really talking about MJ being this good guy and being good to kids, they have to shut it down bec they also feel like they cannot be perceived as sympathetic to him in that issue… because while they are trying now to hold the attention of his millions of fans all over the world, they also know they can’t lose the support of the other (more than?) half of the planet’s population that still believe he was guilty. I also hope for MJ’s vindication by the media, but know that this will never come. It’s up to the fans and believers to just help him clear his name somehow. Truth is, none of us will ever truly know, but what I do know and believe with all my heart is that he deserves peace that he couldn’t find here on earth, especially towards the last 10-15 years of his life. When I die, I do hope I get the peace that I deserve as well. I also do know and believe that he was a survivor (I don’t know anyone who could have accepted everything that happened to MJ in such a fashion… I mean, a lesser person would have probably killed himself). That he did try his best to give back to the world what God’s gifts have enabled him to do (his music, his passion, his charity work). WE ARE ALL HUMANS, WE ALL MAKE MISTAKES. MJ was not a saint and I do not believe in deifying him… but his life (and his death) and all the bullshit surrounding him even now (5 months after the fact) has inspired me to ask myself WHAT HAVE I DONE lately? What selfless act have I done lately? What amazing thing have I allowed myself to do? Have I made anyone happy lately? Have I shared any of my own talents or abilities to make them feel better? Or have I just been an obnoxious JUDGMENTAL asshole that put up replies on websites so I will feel better about myself? If only for that… that questioning… that looking inside my own heart… that MJ’s own life and passing has not been in vain.

  16. I like Oprah, but I’m very surprised and disappointed that she didn’t release a statement about Michael’s death. This will definately influence the way I look at Oprah in the future. I don’t know what she’s thinking, but Michael was innocent according to the Court. People have to respect the Court’s decision. Oprah became even more popular because of her 1993 interview with Michael. It was the first time that Michael gave such a personal interview at his home. Oprah asked very rude questions to him: Are you a virgin? How much plastic surgery have you had? Oprah wouldn’t dare to ask such rude questions to white celebrities during interviews. For example, she didn’t ask Tom Cruise: Are you gay or impotent? And Oprah never asked Cher: How much plastic surgery have you had? It’s really strange, because Oprah interviewed the most famous and succesful black artist in history and she tried to make a fool of him in that 1993 interview, and now in 2009 she doesn’t even send her public condolences. I think Michael was a very friendly person who had some personal problems, but he was NOT EVIL. I believe he would never hurt/damage children, because he really loves children. Michael wants to make the world a better place for the entire human race. People who keep calling him guilty are molesters themselves. The Devil tried to destroy Michael’s face and hair during that Pepsi commercial fire accident in 1984. The Devil also tried to destroy Michael’s personal life and career with false accusations in 1993 and 2003, BUT NOW MICHAEL IS FREE. Nobody can hurt him anymore. I wish you well, Michael.

    • Ditto RYAN – He said it all very !

      KING of POP, Michael Jackson, RIP

      • I agree with Ryan he said it very well. People whose minds are in the gutter usually think the worse about other people; and that is the way his accusers who are perverts as well will think. Oprah has successfully bleached herself so she cant dare point a finger at anyone, especially Michael. His wicked doctors might have gone overboard with him, because he was sooo damn handsome and good looking(check the cover of his thriller album). Just know that we love you Michael, we forgot to prayer for you when you were silently suffering, we are sorry, but we are praying for you

      • Eldora B Lougheide

        On point Ryan. She also said about his art collection that it was not at all what “they” i.e. Harpo was expecting. What?were they expecting?

        Michael was avastly travelled, highly educated, man;Widely read, well cultured and sophisticated. He was charming and polished yet open and kind. . That is why he was so respected worldwide.
        Read his Oxford speechwww.youtube.com/watch?v=lFDkyglJYk4
        http://www.allmichaeljackson.com/speeches/oxforduni01.html – Cached – Similar
        YouTube – Michael Jackson – Oxford Union Speech Part 1/4

        10 min – Mar 23, 2008 –

        Rated 5.0 out of 5.0

        On March 6 2001, Michael Jackson spoke to students at Oxford University, to promote his new … Michael Jackson – Oxford Speech 2001 (part 1/4) w …

        In addition he loved God and humanity he had the heart of God.
        “Those with eyes to see will see and ears to hear will hear.”



  19. I had a lot of respect for Oprah but Wow I’m so shocked that she didn’t say a word about Michael’s passing. So disappointing!!! I mean Michael pretty much put her on the international map with that 1993 interview. And although she was rude to him, MJ opened everything to her (poor guy). He was so gentle.
    I’m so done with Oprah. This is a side of her I absolutely detest.

    Rest in peace in Heaven my Beautiful angel. You were a God sent and he will reward you. Love you always!

  20. as a black woman i am so disappointed in oprah.mj was troubled but he was a genius he gave 300 million dollars to charity and did sso much my eyes well up with tears at least obama had the decency to comment. you are not bigger than mj never will i watch oprah again she can depend on her white audiences

  21. she doesnt like the jacksons . she neveer had any of them on her show.so if you dont like somebody i guess she just shut the fuck up.but it is fucked up .she will come forward and interveiw an white star if tragedy struck.well she missed out. i heard she didnt even go to the memorial,

  22. and the comment before me you hit it right on the button.she will never be as big as him or be remembered like him.she attracts white people on her show,give them cars . the only thing she did for the blacks besides the blacks over in another country is try to give out chicken from popeye. i stop watching her years ago when she stop being black .her topics on her show is for white people ,her audience is full of white people.see michael audience was all over the world, she just connects to whites. he just didnt do charity in other countries he help people over here too. he will be missed very much.

  23. I’m not an American, I’m Asian and I live halfway across the world from the US. We still get shows on Oprah though and yes I was a fan, I thought she was generous and kind and HUMBLE. I was not expecting THIS. This arrogant snub for what could possibly be one of the most beautiful man on the planet. It’s disgusting really.

    I do find it strange that she never had any of the Jackson family on her shows (other than the MJ interview, which btw, she was VERY rude the entire time, urgh). I’m surprised she even had Paris Hilton on her show. What that girl has contributed to the world, God only knows. But not any of the lovely Jacksons.

    Personally, I think The Jackson Family are incredibly strong and brave and they all have the ability to overcome many difficult obstacles. They’ve gone through some turbulent times, that I myself can’t bear to watch let alone go through it but they’ve dealt with it incredibly.

    I am a girl who has never been to the US and I live far away. But MJ moved me in ways you can never imagine with his kindness, sensitivity and brilliance. His love for human beings and world peace transcends all boundaries, races and religions and that is the true meaning of humanitarian. (Not publicly giving out cars to people who don’t need it that badly on your show *cough*)

    However, I agree with te. If she’s got nothing nice to say, don’t say anything at all. Whatever Oprah.

  24. she thinks that he is guilty.and if she would sayhow she really feels she would probably loose some people that she does business with or white ratings would go down cause they thought he was guilty.and maybe black people would say something to her if she knock him .as if she only wanted to be around him just for interveiws when he was going through the court thing.but when she used to have black guest oon her show and michael`s name would pop up she would bragg how talented he was and how there was no one like him. i just don`t understand it .she wouldn`t care if no blacks watch her show anyway. i have not in years .

  25. Why would anyone be “surprised” at Oprah not commenting on Michael Jackson’s death. She only used him in 1993 for ratings, as he allowed her into his private santuary. I was so sick of seeing her acting like she so enjoy it by her dancing and singing when Michael was. The silence to his death is “obvious” she judged him herself and found him guilty. What a shame, I thought she was an intelligent human being, but I only find her repulsive and an empty soul now. RIP Michael, many will always love you.

  26. I agree MJForever, I AM DONE WITH OPRAH TOO!!!

  27. Oprah is just jealous that no one will ever refer to her as Queen of ANYTHING, and will never love and adore her like they do our sweet Michael Jackson.

    Oprah is an opportunist, a user of mankind, and thinks her billions have made people “color blind” of any actions she does. Well, guess what Oprah, your billions can’t buy you integrity and respect!

    I’ll be so glad when her contract is over and her show had ended forever!


    Everyone I know is so sick of her and her almighty ways. Dishing Michael Jackson was the last straw! I loathe her!


  29. Thank you Coretta King! Michael has given 300 millions to charities around the world. He didn’t boost about it like Oprah does with her money. He was cruified here on earth for just having the purest of hearts. Oprah is a phony, and everyone knows it. I’m glad she showed her true colors when Michael passed, and I agree with the others, she’s OVER! DOWN WITH OPRAH!

  30. Eldora B Lougheide

    I cried for days when I realized that Oprah was not saying or doing anything to honour or acknowledge Michaels’ death.I knew she was in the Meditterrean on a cruise .However distance is no excuse Sophia Loren,Tina Turner ,Nelson Mandela the list goes on and on-all made statements.They are not however.-media people . My grief over Michael was multiplied by her obvious omission because I fully comprehend her role both in the media , the black community and the world of entertainment and mass communication.It felt like a slap in the face , a kick in the back. Finally I accepted who she has become and I withdrew from her totally. I heard her friend Gayle on a radio programme saying something about how she did not know him very well….expressing surprise about the public global outpouring for Michael Jackson and I wondered .Are we all on planet Earth?
    Then slowly comprehension dawned on me .I understood the demeaning questions during her interview in 1993.”Are you a virgin “? to a grown man! I understood her remark when she expressed surprise at finding Michaels’ art collection at Neverland ranch “Not at all what we expected she said”.I understood everything about Oprah .Clearly she did not know that:

    Mr.Michael Jackson was a well travelled,cultured, sophisticated ,highly educated,gentleman.He was sensitive, kind, generous ,compassionate and yet simple and easygoing.He was at ease with kings ,princesses . sung and unsung heroes because of this.
    The world is watching Oprah ,the bloggers on Facebook ,About .com Intent,and all over the Internet ar e blogging.This matter will NOT go away.Below are my comments on Facebook.

    Yes. So you noticed President Obama s’ slow response eh!
    He lost major points with me on that one. Count how many days after Michaels’ death before he said a word and even then the connotations of his words.To date no Whitehouse statement.

    Thank God for Whoopi Goldberg and Al Sharpton They did not flinch to speak Michaels’ truth.

    How would sociologists analyze the behavior of Oprah on the death of Michael Jackson? It would be interesting to hear .But the common thread of these Face book posts reveal enough about the sociological data inherent in this behavior and the universal value and impact of Michaels’ lifeswork .-a lifes’ work that is and will ever be unparalleled by this worlds’ Oprahs.

    This omission will be eternally written and spoken about .The die has been cast .Action speaks louder than words.

    Shakespeare had Brutus say after the assassination of Caesar the following:

    “There is a tide in the affairs of men, which, taken at the flood, leads on to fortune; omitted all the voyage of their life is bound in shallows and in miseries”.

    We have seen another “Ceasar” die at the hands of treachery-None the least of which are the voices which are not raised to acclaim his greatness at his death but lie await in the shadows perhaps wanting approval for a view that is the PURE TRUTH.

    A great man,a STAR has died.But his work will live FOREVER.Michael We Love you always and Forever.

  31. elizabeth- cawobeth

    Hmmm what of ABC, CBS & NBCs lack of response to Oprah not saying anything. Not that interesting is it ? Sure wish Michael had had some say-so over the media.
    Oprah, I’m looking forward to an actual statement from you soon after Michael’s burial on Sept 3rd.
    I disagree with those who’ve said that her response is a private matter. She took on a responsibility to respond to concerns of her audience at large as the most famous talk show hostess. And we out here are what made it possible. . . well where would she be w/out an audience? Does she only want 1/2 an audience now ? Priorities seem a little out of perspective for her to have so much to say about some things but not the passing of one of the most loving,giving,creative & well-known people of the last 4 decades, who she also knew (knows ?). Condolences to the family; yes that’s private. Many people look up to Oprah & she darn well knows it- hmmm…
    Ms. Oprah is supposedly one of our greatest humanitarians, like Michael. So we shall see whether or not she recognizes his passing; that of a “fellow” humanitarian. She could sure design a heck of a tribute together of Michael which could bash the bashers. There has been minimal mention of the fact that Michael personally supported 30 charities, broke The Guiness Book of World Records for the most money contributed by an artist/performer AND he personally actualized kind acts wherever he went. This is not opinion, this is a humble & factual trait of Michael. Most of the media reporters tend to avoid the truth of Michael, for to tell the truth for them would mean looking in the mirror, deflating their egos and admitting to who Michael Jackson really IS. The lies upon lies will only last but so long. “Michael Jackson Conspiracy” by Aphrodite Jones affirmed proof of Michael’s innocence, following that horrid trial, with undeniable facts. Oprah reads. I cringe to think that she goes along with media mongrels.
    I’m sure that Oprah is aware of of Michael’s truth. Whether she honors the real Michael or not, we shall see. Inevitably, more will be revealed.

  32. Okay people, I’ve never been a huge Oprah fan. But, maybe, just maybe it’s like how that saying goes, if you can’t say anything nice, then don’t say anything at all. And maybe that’s the case with her. In her defense maybe she just doesn’t have anything to say. And correction, President Obama DID send his condolences to the Jackson Family. So stop acting like he didn’t. I’m a huge MJ fan always have been before and after the trials and tribulations, but people are entitled to feel how they wish.

  33. Many Celebrities, Especially Those Close To Michael Have Been Quiet Especially Eddie Murphy , It Is Hard To Comment On This, All You Can Do Is Mourn As Of Now, This Is Extremely Devasting To Us True Born Fans And Close Friends

  34. It was with a growing sense of astonishment that I watched the Oprah Winfrey show on Michael Jackson – her sole public comment on his death so far. Whilst replaying her seminal 1993 interview, Oprah proceeded to tell us how she had felt at various points during it. Topics included her hair, her feelings of nervousness and other personal reflections. Strangely, no airtime was spent discussing the ambivalent nature of the legacy Michael has left behind, and it quickly became apparent that Oprah deemed it unnecessary to raise any questions about the allegations Michael faced during his life. In fact, throughout the interview she displayed such a palpable air of disinterest in her subject, it was unclear as to precisely what her reasons for doing the show actually were. It’s difficult to believe that a woman whose personal wealth was built upon a reputation for emotional truth and justice can really be unaware of the profoundly substantial doubts hanging over the authenticity of the molestation allegation made by Evan Chandler on behalf of his son Jordy. Unbelievable, because Oprah has the same access to information that everyone else has. There is an enormous amount of evidence to support the view that Michael Jackson was completely innocent of the charges levelled against him in 1993, and again in 2005; and that he was in fact the victim of an elaborate and bold extortion attempt that proved – in the end, to be very successful. The award winning 1994 article by distinguished writer Mary A. Fischer -‘Was Michael Jackson Framed’ – details not only the lack of evidence behind the Chandlers’ claims, but also the full extent of the non-credibility of Evan Chandler. Jordy only accused Michael after a hypnotic drug was administered – Evan authorized its use after Jordy was allegedly reluctant to go on record stating that he had been abused. What is perhaps less well known but again is well documented, by journalists such as Aphrodite Jones in her book ‘The Michael Jackson Conspiracy’ and numerous other authors and witnesses to the events of 1993 and 2005, including Thomas Mesereau and Brian Oxman – is the level of complicit involvement between the Chandler lawyers, Tom Sneddon’s department and key players in the media, namely, Maureen Orth, Diane Dimond and the online tabloid site ‘The Smoking Gun.’ This complicitness would keep a ratings-driven media motivated to supply increasingly horrifying stories about Michael to a baying and hysterical public. In a gesture of compliance with the police investigation, Michael agreed to a humiliating, physical examination of his body to clear his name. Jordy had asserted Michael had been circumcised – he had not, he also claimed Michael had discolorations on his genitalia – there were none. It is perhaps the level of media viciousness directed towards Michael for over 15 years however, that remains in most people’s minds. The sheer amount of newspaper stories, comedy shows, talk shows, television and comment by ‘so-called’ experts that would become devoted to negatively reporting on the allegations would reach unprecedented levels of coverage and hostility. It is interesting to note just how many people – now that Michael is dead, have said it was the homogeneity of the media’s stance that made them assume Michael was guilty. I believe Tom Sneddon, Diane Dimond, Maureen Orth, Evan Chandler (I do not include Jordy as he was a child) and the Chandler lawyers – Rothman and Feldman, to be the key protagonists of the sustained media and legal attacks Michael faced from 1993 onwards. These attacks would erode and degrade Michael’s spirit and irrevocably damage his once stratospheric career. It is against this background of a lack of answers and the grief of millions of people, that Oprah’s choice not to explore the possibility that the truth about Michael has for 15 years been distorted and manipulated into something vastly different from the reality of what actually happened and who he really was – can be seen as truly extraordinary. There is no room here to cover the scandalous claims of the mother of the alleged victim in 2005, who admitted on oath that she had previously made her son lie to support her claim that she had been sexually abused by staff in a J.C Penny store. What I will say is this: The grief so many are feeling now is not just for a life tragically ended, but also for the damage done to Michael’s name and legacy. Yet Oprah decided we would rather hear about how excited she felt when she first saw the fun rides at Neverland. No one said her show had to be a Disney tribute, but it didn’t have to amount to little more than a glorified slideshow either. For a woman famed for asking the difficult questions, the uncomfortable questions; this remembrance came across like an afterthought. Michael Jackson, perhaps the greatest entertainer of all time, who gave a black woman in the early 1990’s the career break of a lifetime -deserved better.

    • Hi Deborah-
      What you wrote about Michael was so eloquent and true. Oprah marginalized him with her last “tribute” show with all her trivial commentary during the show. Here she met the most amazing entertainer in the world, a man who impacted the world in a myriad of ways and was a man who was brutalized by the media with lies and innuendo, and yet her attitude was almost blase about him! I have written to her and requested that she do more research into his life and the false allegations against him before judging him. I believe her views are skewed because of her own experience of being molested as a child. I am working with a brilliant group of people who are working towards changing the pulic opinion on Michael Jackson’s reputation that was so greatly tarnished by the out of control media in the U.S. and abroad. We are working towards getting a law passed here that will curb the media’s outright corruption and despicable practices of tearing down an innocent person, destroying their life and reputation, strictly to get ratings. Can you please contact me, I would love to invite you to join us. We are almost complete with a website and are a Yahoo group called “Vindication better than tributes”. We are not a MJ fansite. We are fans of his contributions to humanity and the world, but we are working towards a serious goal. We want to make this happen to protect his legacy as well as shield his children from this same ruthless press. We call it the “medialoid” because that is what the media has become, a mix of media and tabloid. Where is “the line” indeed. Please contact me Deborah. I am looking forward to your response. Cat

  35. Deborah Ffrench,
    Thank you for your comment. You have said everything I wanted to say.
    I am very disappointed in Oprah. She has vast resources at hand and could try to be unbiased and fair about this.
    Maybe it stems from her own abusive childhood. She suffered terribly and possibly cannot distance herself from the allegations and be objective. Who knows?
    It is so strange, because I have seen Oprah go out on a limb for numerous guests affected by bullying, unjust charges and bigotry. But for Michael she does nothing…
    I wonder, did she really watch Martin Bashir’s documentary and believe his insinuations? Did she not watch MJ’s footage and see what had been perpetrated there? How can any sensible person watch that and not see through Bashir? I did before MJ even responded. I remember shaking my head and groaning as Bashir tainted everything MJ did with his own cynical, rigid world view. The fact that MJ went to trial and they threw everything they could to try and convict him of ANYTHING but he was still fully ACQUITTED speaks volumes. If Oprah can’t be bothered to read the court transcripts of that case or the findings of other journalists and biographers regarding the Jordan Chandler case, she could get one of her many employees to do so. It seems that she personally tried and judged Michael and will never make the effort to see the full picture.
    What bothers me about those who judge, is they often have partial information. They don’t know the histories of the families that accused MJ. They haven’t see the court documents or even tried to get the facts. They just soaked up the tabloid media gossip like true SHEEPLE not PEOPLE. They need to ask themselves why Jordan Chandler did not take his chance for vengeance/justice/defence of others when called to trial in 2003. By then he was a grown man. If he was abused and MJ was this horrendous person as claimed in 1993, Jordan could have sent him away for good. He could have his say away from the adults who handled him as a child. But he did not appear. His mother did and said good things about MJ. If her son was honestly abused she would not be speaking positively about the abuser 10 years later in a court of law. Think people! Think Oprah!
    Oprah has so much reach – it makes me truly sad that she chose this route.

    R.I.P. Michael. We got your back!

  36. Deborah, you are so correct. Very well said. I sat and watched the spectacle that Oprah offered as a tribute to Michael Jackson and was horrified once it was over to see that that was all she had to say. Nothing else would be said and on to the next show. The really sad thing about all of this is that Michael opened up his home and heart to her in 1993 and allowed her to sit down with him and answer any question she would have. I don’t believe he even expected her to be as cynical as she was toward him or he probably would have given her limits to her questions. With all the world watching and waiting for a response from her about his passing, she didn’t even offer not a solitary word until it was time for her new season to start. So, in the end she USED him for her own gain to get ratings for her new season instead of celebrating him. And, who does a tribute about someone and talks about themselves. It’s obvious she didn’t respect him. God will always be Michael’s defense. So everyone who’s thinking they will ride this coat tail will soon be cut off. For all of his fans who love him, I pray that you will come to know Jesus as your Lord and Savior the way Michael did. Michael made it known that he knew and loved Jesus. There’s no doubt he’s in heaven, but to be able to join him in eternity, you’ll have to join him in faith, today. As for people saying he was weird or he made some kind of mistake, they are wrong. There was nothing weird about him and he didn’t make any mistakes. All he did was show a family and a dying child love. How can that be wrong? You can beat a child, abuse a child, starve a child, hate a child, and even murder a child, but when you show love to a child, that’s when you’re considered a monster.

  37. Oprah was abused as a child. I won’t speak for her, so this is just my opinion. I think she believes the molestatoin charges against Michael are true.

  38. Palm Profile, and introduces some basic gestures. ,

  39. Deborah,

    Well-written and well-said.

    It is disappointingly obvious to me, a former Oprah admirer, why she chose to air this late, vacuous, self-absorbed, all-about-me “tribute” to Michael Jackson–it was kick-off week for her new year–ratings week for her.

    I cringed as she went on and on about going into the ’93 interview unprepared. That interview was clearly important to Michael–that’s why he did it. He opened his home and his life to her. And Oprah didn’t bother to prepare questions? I think that says a lot.

    I had never seen the ’93 interview so I went back and watched it. I was appalled. Just as she used him then, she has used him now.

    I agree with others that Oprah probably believes Michael to be guilty of child abuse. Having been a victim of abuse herself, I think it was easier for her to presume guilt than innocence. But Oprah is a smart woman, and can read the literature just as you and I have, and so that’s just not good enough.

    I am glad someone has finally brought up the name of Maureen Orth. Her articles are the most vicious of all I have read. It is unfathomable to me that she was the wife of Tim Russert, a man I always deemed to be the epitome of fairness, honor, kindness, and decency. What on earth is up with that?

    Before Michael died, one of her articles posed the question, what would Michael Jackson’s children have to say about him someday, her implication being that he was a horrible father.

    Well, Maureen, I believe you and the world got your answer on July 7th. Praise to little Paris for, in her most ingenuous way, letting the evil among us know just who “Daddy” was.

  40. I TOTALLY AGREE..with everyone’s statements! With me, I have always felt a certain kind of distance from her. Although I admire her business sense and what she has accomplished, there was something lacking. About 5 years ago, I was watching, her talk to a tough-talking girl, who was in a gang or a young girl who was living in the streets of LA. Oprah could not get through to her, and she did not even try. Oprah is about Oprah. I realized that a long time ago. Jealousy comes in many forms, and some of the most jealous people are the most beautiful and successful. Remember the story of good and evil? Not saying Oprah is evil, because she is not. Lucifer was the most beautiful and most gifted, but when God said, will I make these humans and they are made of my image, and they have the free will to live forevr with me. Luficer got jealous, and than anger, and then fearful. The rebellion began. He was not going to allow human beings take God’s favor over him, an Angel. Alot of people are in denial of the essence of Michael Jackson, it is so hard for people to realize that this human being was a gift to us, and that he had more humility, campassion, love, and genius in his body and spirit than most people will have if they have lived a thousand live times. Oprah is very intelligent all she has to do is read all the DETAILS of both cases, to find the TRUTH of how the media and greedy-vampiristic accusors TRIED to destroy Michael. Yet, in the end, even in death..Michael will Forever Live..because he died, loving what he loved to do –dance and sing to give a message of love and peace…for us..He is with the ONE who CREATED HIM..he is in PARADISE..R.I.P my BEAUTIFUL SPIRIT..I will be one out of millions who will continue your legacy of unity, peace, and love. I love you FOREVER..there will NEVER BE ANOTHER ONE LIKE YOU..

  41. @ Deborah. I agree, I actually agree with what alot of people have said here. I remember she dedicated an entire hour of her show to gift wrapping—YES GIFT WRAPPING. But she can’t respect a man beloved around the world. I think that’s partly why she is retiring from her show. When MJ died she did a snippet about him but if you looked at her website comments from about a month or so ago so many of her viewers were angry that she ignored Michael that her site webmaster/moderator deleted 45 or 85 comments during the day and she received even more backlash for it. I think at some point honestly she was jealous that MJ was more famous than her. Her and MJ grew up in the same era, faced racism, segregation and blocked opportunities but she acted like she was running a tabloid in 1993. Look at her face in awe as MJ gives her an insider’s look to the Neverland Ranch. I think after the 2009 MJ snub is a huge contributor as to why her ratings continue to slip. She embraces Jazy-Z (literally on stage) but degrades MJ, who supported so many charities, cared about the environment, poverty, social injustices? She has done alot of good for people but at times she displayed her opportunistic instinct. I don’t think she can ever make up for that missed opportunity with MJ because he will be remembered for all the good he did and his sincere love of music and the earth and yes I’m a person of color.

  42. Claudelle Prolad

    I am never watching Oprah again!

  43. Oprah didn’t comment because she JUDGED Michael Jackson years ago… even after her interview with him. Her interview with Lisa MArie Presley, where she scoffs at MJ is more than enough to speak of her views of him. Had she dared comment, the world would just say, “Oh shov e it up your ass Oprah!, you effing hypocrite!”

  44. MJ’s death marks the end of an era… whether people like it or not… but what the heck… LONG LIVE THE KING!!!!


    I just now spent time writing Oprah an email in her website how disappointed I am of her tribute to Michael Jackson. It lacked sincerity and generosity of spirit- ALL the words she likes to use in her show. I am so disappointed in her. She defeats the purpose and foundation of her show and sits on the safe side- yet it is now all apparent she never liked Michael Jackson anyway and she was on some parts of that tribute was condescending and felt she was much more high and mighty than Michael Jackson. She likes to give so much tribute and importance to the smallest achievements of the smallest poorest person in the world but cannot give decent sincere credit to someone who gave so much to the world, a fellow african american and had contribute to her career. I am even more saddened to now realize that yes, she was so rude to Michael in that interview, things she never asked Cher about or any other of her interviewees but Michael Jackson. I feel she had always thought of him as guilty. I am so done with her.

  46. Your months-long damning silence, followed by your 38 minute impression of a tribute which was obviously not your idea – was a total disgrace to a beautiful man who deserves unremitting praise and respect for what he achieved, gave and endured here. We, the people of Chicago have nothing but contempt for you. Get out of our City and stay out.

    And when they come for you Oprah, remember this:

    You were not there – we will not be either.

  47. wow how do u not comment on da biggest death in history way to jip out on one of your biggest friends way to fail oprah

  48. I watched an episode when Whitney Houston was on the oprah show and oprah asked her how she felt about Michael jacksons death and oprah’s wasn’t too good.

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