Slash says Michael Jackson was amazing

“Michael Jackson was one of the most talented and dynamic performer/singer/songwriters I ever had the pleasure of working with, he was amazing. Unfortunately, the controversy surrounding his personal life in recent years overshadowed his unparalleled contributions to the music world, which is a tragedy in and of itself. But his music will live on forever no matter what and his memory will be adored and admired for years to come.”

Slash – guitarist

Slash and Michael Jackson

Slash and Michael Jackson

Here is a video of Slash remembering Michael Jackson


One response to “Slash says Michael Jackson was amazing

  1. I agree with the above comments about Michael Jackson, the incomparable peformer ever. Michael stole many dance steps and routines. However, he exalted them and then created them into his own inimitable style. Michael’s performing style will always be remembered. And yet he was more than a giant of a performer. He was Mr. Cultureism. Michael expressed the highest form that Culture that be could attained. He was the ultimate ! His artistic genius is beautifully eurythmic and unmatchable. He was gifted in the whole field of The Arts. Because of his untimely death, we will never see nor experience his pioneering and innovating mysticism gin the field of Motions Pictures and other of his artistic endeavors as we did in Music and Choregraphy. The comments by his peer and friends brought me to tears; it was so good to hear about Michael’s beautiful tapestry. Many people trash Michael, but I believe that is because they do not KNOW him and have not really listened to his music and short films, which speaks to his person and the issues in his heart. MUSIC will never be the same, because our culture has been compromised. Seidah Garret said when Michael passed, we lost Music. I agree wholehearedly.

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