David Blain reflects on the loss of Michael Jackson

“The world has lost an amazing man. A man that cared, and loved and gave everything he had for others. Michael I love you!”

David Blaine
– Illusionist

Michael Jackson & David Blaine

Michael Jackson & David Blaine


3 responses to “David Blain reflects on the loss of Michael Jackson

  1. This site makes me cry.

  2. i have grown up with mj’s music,its played at wedin’s and unfortunate funarals,christnings and birthdays…always pride of place,or the ‘chosen’ song…. my mum grew up with him,and so did my brothers and i….. felt like i knew him?? strange i no… but if yr on this site you prob feel the same?? fav song… got to be there… then again every song of his that plays i always say its my fav!!! i loved him,and he never knew,but he touched my life, always will,,,and my children will grow up with his music and memory like i did thats a promice, love you mj,,,uncondisional….alwats… r.i.p

  3. hi david need some clues here on the hoax death thing, is something going to take place 25th oct at culver studios the clues are ; xscape 15.50 hrs,lok very carefully into a certain disguise and the final clue the desguise will be 8 letters in length. there is supposed to be a childrens carnival for disabilities at 12.30 can you please say if were on the right track.

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