Donny Osmond remembers Michael Jackson

“I’ve known Michael since we both were about 13 years old. He once told me that because we went through similar experiences as teenagers, I was the only person who ever understood him. Words can’t express the sadness I feel right now. My prayers go out to his family and his children.”

Donny Osmond – singer

Michael Jackson and Donny Osmond

Michael Jackson and Donny Osmond


5 responses to “Donny Osmond remembers Michael Jackson

  1. This is nice to see all the support he is getting. I wish he was here to see it.

  2. Abhilash Gopi

    With all the love being showered on him, he would surely have been proud and happy.

    Like he said “If you enter this world knowing you are loved and you leave this world knowing the same, then everything that happens in between can be dealt with.”.

  3. I’m still crying for Michael. I can’t believe he’s gone… You have been such a large impact, spark, inspiration. I will never forget you… Thank you for passing along your vision and songs to us… your adoring fans…

  4. When I was born MJ was already on stage. He is apart of my childhood from 67 until today. The news of his death stop me in my tracks and my whole world froze because I could not understand the words, it just could not be so. I cried as if he was my brother or close close friend. Michael was all we had coming up in the 70-80’s Every party Every dance at school all memories include Michael Jackson and to take him away distrups my life. However he was here for a reason and gone for a reason and we should remember for his spirit, for his love for his talent and for the great man he is. God had other plans for him somewhere better, somewhere out there where there is no pain and hate and greed. He never deserve the ill treatment he received and God gave him a resting place because his work here is completed. Love MJ always and forever RIP Your fan Araina

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