Donald Trump remembers Michael Jackson

“He was a very good friend of mine. He was an amazing guy, but beyond all else, he was the greatest entertainer I’ve ever known. He had magic. He was a genius. He was also a really good person, and when you got to know him, you realized how smart he was. He was brilliant. We were at the Trump Taj Mahal in Atlantic City. There were thousands of people literally crushing us. We had 20 bodyguards, but it was really dangerous. He dropped to his knees and started crawling to the exit. He did it so routinely, I thought he fell. And I said, “Michael, is it always like this?” He goes, “Yeah, this is nothing. Japan is much worse.”

Now, Michael wasn’t the same Michael for the last 10 years. He was not well. He had a lot of problems, a lot of difficulties. But Michael in his prime — there’s never been anybody like him. His life was different than anybody I’ve ever known. But he had a very rough 10 years. He was embarrassed by it. He was embarrassed by what was happening to him. But he’s not going to be remembered for the last 10 years; he’s going to be remembered for the first 35 years.”

Donald Trump
– Businessman

Michael Jackson & Donald Trump

Michael Jackson & Donald Trump


2 responses to “Donald Trump remembers Michael Jackson

  1. Boy I’ll miss this guy for ever or what?
    It started back in 70’s then I was 28 (62 today) when I’ll sneak out on sunday’s to a club in the city where I lived in Onitsha eastern Nigeria to “boogie” in this club because there MJ’s music was being played a lot.I got addicted to his music and dance that I had to buy two large posters of his band (then Jackson 5)framed and hanged on my Dad’s sitting room. Today same pictures are still hanging, now in my own sittng room and my own children loved MJ. too and talk about those posters and Daddy’s lost for MJ.and sympathise with me over his death. I’ll miss you Mike,R.I.P. God and his Angels love to listen to you too.

  2. Michael your legend will always carry on no matter who becomes the next pop star you will always replace them wherever.

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