Priscilla Presley tribute to Michael Jackson

“I’m in shock, as I know everyone must be. What a tragic loss. My heartfelt thoughts are with his family at this very difficult time.”

Priscilla Presley – actress/ celebrity


7 responses to “Priscilla Presley tribute to Michael Jackson

  1. Michaels Story

    His childhood was forsaken
    Fame and fortune was a must
    No school or normal pastimes
    Into the limelight he was thrust
    From those who claimed to love him
    To those who loved to hate
    They couldn’t see the lost child
    Who’s talent would be his fate

    He gave us so much pleasure
    A star, a real icon
    He rearranged the music
    A new era had it’s dawn
    He changed the path of lyric
    Made the world his dancing stage
    But in his niaevete
    His critics he did enrage

    Lost and lonely in his own world
    Normality just a wish
    He created a place of love
    Where pain would be banished
    But every act of love and grace
    This man-child did bestow
    Was tainted by the people
    Who would mar his very soul

    His life was bared before us
    Every move on view to see
    The jibes and comments hurt him
    Left him broken, no self esteem
    They hounded and they cut him
    Left him bleeding in the road
    Misunderstood and innocent
    They added to the load

    He faced them with so much courage
    A warrior of grit and steel
    He played to them and gave them
    What they didn’t want to hear
    An extravaganza
    A new sight to behold
    The comeback he so yearned for
    So brave and very bold

    But God he had a new plan
    A place of gentle rest
    For this soul He loved so dearly
    And wanted just to bless
    So as in life, he left us
    Softly, didn’t make a sound
    Just gently moonwalked from the room
    To where angels are around

    Then the great big heart stopped beating
    Rhythmic feet will dance no more
    A unique voice stilled forever
    His soul now free to soar
    Happiness was elusive
    Contentment just a dream
    But now the man-child is dancing
    In heavens playing fields.

    RIP Michael Loved Always, Forgotten Never. Janet South Wales UK

  2. beautiful!!!!!!!!!! Hands down.

  3. In the past few years, Pricilla has been publicly disrespectful to MJ. I don’t believe a word she says.

  4. I’m sorry for the anger.

    Elvis was forced to live much the same way as Michael. Yet, Priscilla failed to show compassion for Michaels image, making very harsh statements of Michaels intentions with Lisa Marie throughout his life. Priscilla should understand more than anyone the need to protect Michaels’ image (she fiercely guards the Elvis legecy. ) I am upset that she felt complelled to comment on Michaels passing. Priscilla and Lisa Marie are famous ONLY by their association with an icon. Michael became more famous than Elvis. He did not need Lisa Marie for financial gain. He never spoke publically of Priscilla and does not need Priscilla’s input now. In fact, he is probably in heaven yelling “Suck my white socks, Priscilla!”
    P.S. Lisa Marie needs to open up her mouth when she sings. Many songs she has personally written are” grade school” simple lyrically and the use of bad language is not something many of us appreciate. It is difficult to understand her words because she mumbles. Also, many of her songs sound very similar to the others.

    Michael had faults but he was polite and humble in public. Does anyone else think that Lisa Marie is just an average singer and often sounds hateful in the media? I am disappointed in her talent . Lisa Marie should count her blessings instead of behaving spoiled and ungrateful .
    Her lack of ability to answer questions without stumbling around words, moving around like she is sitting on a feather. She makes me nervous to watch on video. Michael failed to teach her how to act in a more respectful and in a polite manner in public.

    Lisa Marie was lucky to have shared Michaels’ life, not vise versa. Was Elvis any better than Michael? God will judge them both.

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