Lisa Marie Presley tribute to Michael Jackson

“I am so very sad and confused with every emotion possible. I am heartbroken for his children, who I know were everything to him, and for his family. This is such a massive loss on so many levels, words fail me.”

Lisa Marie Presley – Celebrity and Former wife of Michael Jackson

Lisa Marie Presley tells Michael Jackson knew he would die this way

Lisa Marie Presley and Michael Jackson

Lisa Marie Presley and Michael Jackson


15 responses to “Lisa Marie Presley tribute to Michael Jackson

  1. We have lost MORE than an AMAZING entertainer. Growing up “with MJ” enriched my life in the area of music and dance. His rythms and beats stirred the body, mind, heart and soul. The music world has truly lost one of it’s great masters.

    Even so, I am glad MJ has gone to better shores. At least now people will leave him alone and he can finally rest. I do believe him to have been a victim taken advantage of by opportunists. Those who did not like him, were too quick to believe the media. They wanted to believe the worst because they could not accept the public person he was. They did not understand his drive, talent or ambitions. He was DIFFERENT. And only knowing his public side, they never got to know the person privately. They did not care to know.
    MJ was not a sexual person. People can be narrow minded, ignorant, cruel and vicious not having appreciation for the struggles of another.

    MJ was a GODLY person who gave his energies thru his music. He gave his energies to the world. If you think being an entertainer/singer/musician/songwriter/performer is easy, you are wrong. And unless you have experience in the entertainment field, you cannot possibly know what it takes to put yourself “out-there” for the benefit of others. It takes alot out of a person to do so, and you do what ever it takes to continue on.

    He was a shrewed business man. A black child growing up in a white man’s world. I can remember hearing “You have to be a white man in this world to get anywhere”. He found the answer to crossing the barriers to become the success he was. He was willing to do whatever it took to be accepted by everyone. Even tho he did not have to go to such extremes, or did he? Would he be the man he became had he not been so eccentric and so willing to go beyond the norm? Had he not done so, we would not be knowing the Michael Jackson of today.

    Maybe we do not understand his motivations, but that does not deminish his talent. He worked all his life and has done so much for so many. He had fame and fortune, but he was sad. Sad at the entire world and he tried to make a difference and make things better. He did not see the world thru dry eyes. He used his fame to benefit the world, and in return the world made him a rich man, and a marked man. His life was balanced in respect to his fame, as two sides to a coin. Some who did not like him attempted to bring him down and take from him whatever they could as he fell.

    I followed MJ from the time he was 5, as I will continue to follow his legacey. He was very interesting to me. We being the same age, our lives being so different from each other really intrigued me. He lived. He was OBEDIENT to GOD”S WORD. He was humbled by his fame. He was timid and gentle with the heart of a child. He remained child-like all his life. Those of you who know the word of GOD, know what I am talking about. He spoke to the world thru his music. We all have something to learn from his life.

    For GOD, for the world, for his parents and for his fans, Michael Jackson gave his all. From his identity to his reputation, and beyond. From the age of 5 he has entertained us right up onto his death. And even in his death he entertains us. He gave until he could give no more. And I respect and appreciate that. RIP MJ

    • Robbie Lee,

      Thank you for your wonderful comment. It brings me great pleasure in knowing that people like yourself still exist in the world. I am positive michael will find great comfort in knowing that some one in this world “got it”.

    • Robbie Lee, you are such a beautiful person. Your post is so inspiring. Thank you for that!

      I’m 28 years old and I’m originally from West Africa( Senegal) but I feel like I grew up with MJ because I have learned so much about him and from him. Although my country has french as an official language, we knew everything that went on, all those charges and accusations. And NO, most of us did not believe any of them. We couldn’t imagine a beautiful and giving person like Michael would do such henious acts. He gave so much to the children in needs all over the continent of Africa. He said “he aches when they are in pain”. He felt their pain deep down. So how can a person like that would turn around and hurt kids?!

      MJ was not a perfect person but to me he was closed to a saint. Yes a saint! All our greatest minds, the gifts from God have been crucified while on this earth. We don’t know how to comprehend or are willing to accept them. Hence, Jesus! Not that I’m comparing the two, even though Michael try to live like Jesus by loving children (because they are the one that grow up to be adults and rule the future) and use his gift (music) to teach us how to be the best of ourselves. Listen to “Man in the mirror”, “Earth song”‘ “We are the world” and “Heal the world” or better yet read the lyrics and you’ll know what I mean.

      Michael also wrote “Gone too soon” for the first known child AIDS case. Then he re-dedicated it to Princess Diana. Now Usher sang it for him. Absolutely amazing…Ahh!

      He was a gift from God and although we will never know what he went through to become the persona he was. We can surely keep his spirit alive by celebrating his immortal legacy.

      I will keep his family in my prayers always.

      Thank you Michael for being you! May God continue to bless you. Good night my sweet angel. Je t’aimerais pour toujours…

      • The Bible teaches us to be “Christlike”. MJ being a highly religious person was doing just that. And he did it very closely. More so than any I have known. I agree with you. MJ was crucified (even). Not saying MJ was the messiah, or his life was the 2nd coming. “The Bible does state Christ would not be recognized by those who do not know him, He will come like a thief in the night”. A little scarey, yes? However, I do believe the ways of Christ were in MJ. He followed Jesus and believed!! I do not believe MJ could have reached the heights he did without the Devine being in his life. He truly was a gift from God. God gives us many gifts and signs if we only recognize and accept them.

        It saddens me to think that in this day and age, Christ would still be crucified!!

        Michael sure makes us think and wonder, yes?

  2. After having read this post I can’t help but weep by the truth expressed in your post. For those who did not know or understand michael should take a moment to read this tribute, so that they may find a deep understanding of who mj really was and not what the media potrayed him to be. Michael will forever be in our hearts, may he rest in peace knowing he made a difference in the world through his music and with his music he was able to change the world, when the world could not accept change. You will forever be missed. Thank you

  3. Thank you Vivian. I am a true fan of MJ and just felt it was time someone gave a different perspective on him. It hurt my heart to see how people condemed him. I just wish I could have let him know there are those of us that do “get him”. He was so lonely. However, I do believe he was put on this earth for a purpose and I also believe he was truly a vessel of GOD.

    He was so much more than what we were able to see. There has never been anyone like him, nor will there be again. People see and believe only what they want to, and the media sensationalizes everything.

    MJ never had a normal childhood, so it stands to reason he would create Neverland. It also stands to reason that he would want to spend time with little boys. Maybe to experience, learn and recapture the part of life he lost. Like you, I wish those who “don’t get it” would! This world would be a better place.

  4. RL thanks for your insight. I agree with your post. Some people are cruel and judgemental and forget that MJ was never convicted of a crime. We better see his impact on music and the world.

  5. I adored MJ and I prayed he would be acquitted of the terrible a false accusations against him. I have to blame Lisa Marie Presley for laying the groundwork for those accusations. She was the one who convinced him, against his better judgment, to “settle” the Chandler case. Despite what LMP says, I don’t believe her marriage to MJ was “real.” Perhaps MJ thought he was going to have the family he always wanted, but LMP was adamant about NOT having children when she knew he wanted them, and I firmly believe she married MJ to bolster her big for a musical career. MJ was a beautiful person who was far better off without LMP and I wish she’d stop trying to use his death to gain publicity. RIP Michael. You were loved.

    • I do not blame Lisa Marie. Being larger than life as these two people were, there were people behind the scenes doing for their careers what they thought best. Understanding MJ as I do, I can see him opting to settle realizing money was the motivator. “If this family needed money so badly—let them have it and it will go away”.

      Another thing, if MJ wanted children so badly….why were all of his children from a sperm donor, and not of MJ’s seed? (I honestly suspect MJ to have been a virgin all of his life). I also suspect he did not desire to bring black children into this world. MJ was not ashamed of being a negro, but he was well aware of the hardships and struggles of being so in this country during those times. Loving children as he did, I can see him not wanting to be a part of their suffering.

      I feel there is nothing to blame Lisa for. MJ could have gotten a serogate mother in this instance as well. I do not see her as using his death to gain publicity. Anyone who was ever close to MJ was thrust into the spotlight with his death.

      LMP did not need to use anyone to bolster her career. She had the publicity being the Daughter of Elvis. She did not need Michael.

  6. SecondThought

    Robbie Lee, Thank you!
    You put it all in perfect words – I agree with everything you wrote and have written similiar thoughts myself ever since June 25th…

    Michael Jackson, King of Pop….and much more!

  7. Lisa Marie, I saw the interview you did with Diane Sawyer a few years ago. Shameful. Too bad MJ’s character building program didn’t rub off on you.

  8. I cannot satn lisa marie. i don’t understand why any real fan of mj would like her. while she was alive, she bashed mj on diane sawyer, larry king, and oprah. eff her! she’s fake and only cares abut her own image.

    email me if you want videos.

  9. I cannot stand lisa marie. i don’t understand why any real fan of mj would like her. while he was alive, she bashed mj on diane sawyer, larry king, and oprah. eff her! she’s fake and only cares abut her own image.

    email me if you want videos.

  10. Robin lee what the hell are you talking about. mj was NOT A VIRGIN. ask lisa marie.and ask Teddy riley….his music producer who told hiphop magazine of how he was amazed that mj had so much sex.

    email me for the article.

  11. I 1000% agree with Robbie Lee concerning MJ, but don’t agree him in LMP and MJ children case.

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